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Fox 11 Community Cares
October 30, 2019

"Fox 11 Community Cares: Peaceful Purpose"

When a person suffers from hair loss due to a medical condition, they also lose their confidence and a sense of normality in their life.

ABC Action 2 News
September 6, 2019

"Local cosmetologist offers free hair cuts to hair loss customers"

Inside a private room at Nava hair salon in Appleton, Betsy Rachubinski comforts a woman during one of her worst days.

NBC 26 Cares
August 14, 2019

"Peaceful Purpose offers free services to people dealing with medical hair loss"
A Fox Cities cosmetologist, who nearly died in a car crash, often questioned during her painful recovery why she was still alive. Now, years later, Betsy Rachubinski says she's found the answer.

WHBY Fresh Take with Josh Dukelow
April 8, 2019

"Public Disclosures, Join a Board & The Lawyers on Criminal Defense"
Had so much fun promoting NPLI's April 18, Join a Board event with Betsy Rachubinski of Peaceful Purpose, Inc. on WHBY Fresh Take with Josh Dukelow. 

NBC 26 Cares
March 6, 2019

"Students shave heads in support of teacher battling cancer"
30-year-old Elyse Lucas is a teacher at Appleton North High School and Fox Cities Leadership Academy. She was diagnosed with breast cancer two months ago. When her students learned she was losing her hair due to chemotherapy, they came up with a plan to show their support.

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